Web Page Conventions

As my brief stated, aswell as a trailer my second task is to produce a three page web page to accompany my trialer. I had to studie the conventions of a web page before I could start to think about how mine will look. Common features were apparent and some features depended on what the website was promoting. However i was able to list some of the conventions and there functions:  

Images - to engage aundiences, to help audiences identity the web page content. 
Text - Inform audiences, explain content, lable things.
Links/Tabs - Leads to more content, interactivity.
Footage - Specific to certain websites e.g. Film website have their trailers, specific purpose.
Advertisments - FUNDING
Layout- helps navigation, simple and clear(easy access), important to content e.g. menu
Colour - helps appeal to audiences, more engaged, colour implies meaning.